Royals send flowers to local teenage dancer who suffers ‘excruciating’ leg injury whilst performing for them

Temaya Haveron, from Larne, received this bouquet from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Temaya Haveron, from Larne, received this bouquet from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Larne teenager Temaya Haveron was treated like royalty after a performance for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Ballymena last week.

Unfortunately for the 15-year-old, her dance routine with a team from Cinemagic ended with a excrutiating injury.

The Royal visitors were so concerned that they asked their accompanying medical team to offer their services.

Mum Adi said that Temaya had been “in agony” after feeling her leg buckle at the end of her performance.

“The Duke sent the paramedics travelling with them back to attend to Temaya because the ambulance could not get through.

“Kate was asking about her and asked if the ambulance was coming and I believe they were in contact with The Braid afterwards.”

Temaya, a pupil, of St. Killian’s College, had to be taken to Antrim Hospital where it was discovered that she had dislocated her leg which is now “badly swollen” and is being supported by a brace.

Mum Adi continued: “Then on Friday, a bouquet arrived with a card saying: ‘So sorry about your injury and hope you get better soon. We really enjoyed Cinemagic.

“Temaya was really pleased. She was quite surprised. She also received flowers from Cinemagic.”

The teenager was part of the team that was performing a dance from musical theatre. She also performs with St. MacNissi’s Choral Society.

The Braid Arts Centre performance was organised to mark the 30th anniversary of Cinemagic.

The group also had the opportunity to meet the Royal couple ahead of the performance.

Cinemagic Film Festival said: “The event launched Cinemagic’s 30th anniversary and we are so proud of all of the young people involved.

“It was such an honour and we are so proud of all of our young people who represented Cinemagic so well.”

The special guests joined workshops in editing, camera work and make-up design.

The visit culminated with a stage adaptation of a Cinemagic film “A Stone’s Throw”.