CAB advice for Christmas shoppers

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East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson is backing a campaign to help shoppers get consumer problems resolved.

Research from Citizens’ Advice has revealed that two thirds of people had a problem with faulty electrical goods in the last two years.

However, one in four people were turned away by retailers when they tried to get a refund, a replacement item or get their item repaired, despite it being the retailer’s responsibility to help.

The research also showed that persistence paid off, with 61 per cent of people who were initially turned away eventually get some form of solution.

The survey findings suggest that both shoppers and retailers may not be aware of their rights and responsibilities around faulty electrical goods.

Mr Wilson MP said: “As people hit the shops for Christmas, it is important that they get to know their consumer rights so they can return faulty items in the confidence that shops have a duty to help them.”

“If you have got a faulty product and you are struggling to get your money back, get a replacement item or get it repaired, contact Citizens ‘Advice for further help.”

CAB says if an item breaks and it is not your fault, you have a right to a free repair, replacement or refund depending when and where you bought it.

When an item is faulty, do not attempt to fix it yourself as this could stop you getting redress.

Instead, return it to the retailer. It is the responsibility of the retailer to help you resolve the problem, not the manufacturer. They should cover the costs of returning the item. Contact them first to check the most convenient way to do this.

and to negotiate an option that is most convenient for you.