Larne woman publishes crime novel

"Our Lady in the Woods" is a new novel by Larne author Gill Magill. INLT 27-662-CON
"Our Lady in the Woods" is a new novel by Larne author Gill Magill. INLT 27-662-CON

Larne woman Gill Magill has published her first crime fiction novel “Our Lady in the Woods” which is now on sale from Amazon.

Gill has turned her hand to murder mystery writing since retiring from a 36-year teaching career in Hampshire, London and her home county, Lancashire.

Gill came to live in Larne with her late husband champion amateur cyclist John in 2008.

She is a member of Larne Choral Society and Larne Writers’ Group.

Gill said: My story has been like an elephant’s pregnancy-long in the gestation.

“I started it after moving to Northern Ireland in 2008. My late husband, John, wanted to retire back to Larne Regrettably, John didn’t get long to enjoy his retirement, dying suddenly in 2010.

“I picked up the story again on a singleton’s holiday insouth west France in an uncharacteristically cold May in 2013. With little other than a few CDs for entertainment in the evenings, I reached for the writing pad once more.

“Larne Writers’ Group was something else I joined, out of curiosity, in early 2014 after reading an article about it in the Larne Times. The company of fellow writers and regular reporting of progress on our respective labours of love helped to develop the discipline for keeping on writing.

Gill explained that the title of the book comes from the encouragement given to his dedicated team by Detective Inspector Dermond Morrison, leading the investigation into a murder.

A body has been found in local woodland. The race is on to discover the dead woman’s identity. Who is the partially-clothed woman, and how has her body come to be secreted in among dense vegetation?

The background to the murder is a corporate world mixed with illicit office affairs and crimes of passion. The main protagonist, Philip, is catapulted from a fairly ordinary situation into an extraordinary turn of events. Evidence builds that highlights him as a possible suspect. How far will they go to ensure Philip is found guilty?