United whitewash Fleet to go top again


United lead the way in the Larne Ladies’ Darts League thanks to an 8-0 victory over Fleet Ladies.

Helping them along the way was J. Gillespie who landed a 180, while N. Irvine threw a 21-darter, and C. Wilson a 27-darter.

There was also a maximum for St John’s player Barbara Allen in the 4-4 draw with No. 1 Eagles.

Elsewhere, there were 6-2 wins for Ballylumford, No. 1 Ladies and Legion Wings over Legion Ladies, Rangers and Thatch Ladies respectively.


Fleet Ladies 0 v. United 8 (A. Dempsey, S. Marno, T. Anderson Pue, J. Corrigan, C. Wilson, N. Irvine, J. Johnston, J. Gillespie); No. 1 Eagles 4 (M. Penney, J. Graham, E. Woods, M. Hardy) v. St John’s 4 (V. Mc Donnell, J. Montgomery, B. Allen, R. Allen); Ballylumford 6 (M. Kirkpatrick, J. Hyslop, W. Corken, J. White, R. Maguire, M. McIlroy) v Legion Ladies 2 (W. Woodside, D. Scott); Rangers 2 (A. Longmore, I. McFaul) v No. 1 Ladies 6 (N. Swann, S. Davey, M. Kirkwood, A. McMillen. J. Davey, A. Davison); Legion Wings 6 (J. Ferguson, T. Johnston, S. O’Toole, U. McBride, A. Reid, J. Todd) v. Thatch Ladies 2 (B. Barr, I. O’Sullivan).