Ladies’ darts: Three teams share top spot

Waterside Darts Pairs Competition to take place this weekend.
Waterside Darts Pairs Competition to take place this weekend.

United’s draw with Thatch Ladies and No. 1 Eagles’ 5-3 win against Legion Wings, means there are three teams at the top of the Larne Ladies’ Darts League.

United, No. 1 Eagles and St John’s share top spot.

No. 1 Ladies landed second win of the season with a 5-3 success over Legion Ladies, while Ballylumford defeated Fleet Ladies on the same scoreline. St Comgall’s had a good 7-1 away to Rangers.

Results: Thatch 4 (I. O’Sullivan, L.Rea, D.McIlhatton, H. Lough) v United 4 (A. Dempsey. J. Gillespie. J. Johnston. N. Irvine); Legion Wings 3 (U. McBride, S

O’Toole, A. Reid) v No. 1 Eagles 5 (E. Woods, N. Roberts, M. Hardy, L. Swann, J. Graham); No.1 Ladies 5 (A. Davidson, S. Davey, L. McHendry, M. Hodge. M. Kirkwood) v Legion Ladies 3 (E. Yendall, W. Woodside, P. Yendall); Ballylumford 5 (M. McIlroy, M. Kirkpatrick, R. Maguire, J. Hyslop, J. Burgess) v Fleet Ladies 3 (D. Reid, W. Bell, S. Barkley) v Rangers 1 (A. Robinson); St Comgall’s 7 (E. Toner, M. Henry, A. Shaw, C. Shaw, J. Woodside, K. McMaster, M. Maxwell).

High scores: 140, B. Barr (Thatch); 140, I. McFaul (Rangers); 125, D. Reid (Fleet).

December 9 fixtures: No. 1 Eagles v St John’s; Ballylumford v Legion Ladies; Legion Wings v Thatch; Rangers v No. 1 Ladies; Fleet v United. Bye: St Comgall’s.