Dave McAuley only sees one winner when Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg meet

IBF World champion Carl Frampton will be ready for February 27
IBF World champion Carl Frampton will be ready for February 27

Former IBF World Champion Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley is backing Carl Frampton to beat Scott Quigg in Manchester on February 27.

McAuley was involved in many huge fights and wars during his reign as Flyweight World champion.

And he believes after studying Frampton and Quigg that ‘The Jackal’ has an edge over his Bury rival.

“I honestly can’t see Carl losing this fight. I have watched Quigg and Frampton and I think Carl is better than Quigg in all departments.

“The only thing Quigg beats Frampton is in height as he is quite tall for the weight, but that is it.

“Frampton is a better boxer, better mover and he punches as hard or maybe even harder than Quigg.

“If Carl turns up and is smart, he will beat Quigg, I just can’t see him losing,” McAuley added.

And McAuley says Frampton has to fight the right fight when he faces Quigg in Manchester.

“I see Carl stopping him late on. He just has to box him. Hit and move and frustrate this guy.

“Carl should hit him hard and stay on the move and out of harm’s way.

“Quigg is easy to read – like a children’s book. He is flat-footed, keeps his hands high and stalks you but he will want Frampton to come and fight him.

“If I was Carl I would stay on the move and punish Quigg as he comes forward.

“Quigg’s only chance is if Carl makes a mistake and he punishes him. Quigg will want a brawl but Carl hits as hard – so if that happens, it’s just who lands first,” he added.

Quigg destroyed Kiko Martinez in two rounds last summer, while Frampton stopped the Spaniard in the ninth round the first time they met, before beating him on points to claim the IBF crown the second time they crossed paths.

But McAuley says Quigg’s destruction of Martinez will count for nothing on February 27.

“This is a totally new fight and that Quigg knock-out counts for nothing.

“I never rated Martinez and Carl did him over twice and by the time Quigg got to him, he was past his best.

“In Manchester it will just be Frampton and Quigg in the ring and whatever wins or losses they had in the past will count for nothing,” he added.

Much has been made in the past few months of where this clash would take place – with Frampton wanting a neutral venue – but now he is fighting in Quigg’s backyard.

But McAuley says that does not matter when you are in the middle of a fight.

“It’s great to have the crowd behind you – but once you are in the ring it is just noise.

“Let us face facts, if you are knocked out no amount of support will get you back on your feet. You are down and it’s goodnight.

“Also this fight is an hour’s flight away. It is not on the other side of the world where the weather and the food is totally different.

“This is like a home fight for Frampton and I don’t think it matters where he fights Quigg. I honestly can’t see him losing,” added McAuley.

And McAuley says he would love to be in a big fight like this in front of a huge crowd.

“This is the kind of fight all fighters want. Fighting in a fight like this would get your blood pumping.

“I think it is going to be a great fight and if Frampton is smart he will be the IBF and WBA World champion.

“If he turns up fit enough to do the 12 rounds he will out-box Quigg and take the victory.

“I just see Carl winning this fight and I really believe that” added McAuley.