Big wins for The Rooms and Coast Road in Larne Darts League


This week’s round of games in the Larne and District Darts League saw big wins for The Rooms and Coast Road and a brilliant 170 maximum check-out by B. Gribben (St Comgall’s).

C. Rees (Vandevelles) hit the big 180 and C. Brimley (No. 1 Club) landed 171.


Football Club 1 (M. McCowan) v Coast Road 7 (J. Hastings, A. Reid, B. Pettigrew, D. Montgomery 22, 24, B. Black, J. Pettigrew 19, R. McHendry 19, 21).

Ballylumford 4 (A. Todd 20, M. Beggs 16, S. Robertson, R. Ross) v Islandmagee 4 (D. Adams 23, R. McKinty 17, 24, M. Soppitt, M. Dunbar).

The Rooms 8 (B. Young, D. McKearney, M. Maxwell, C. Keenan, W. Young, J. Young, D. Heggarty, C. Mooney 19) v L.T.O.B. 0.

No. 1 Club 6 (W. McConaghie, M. McNeill, D. McHendry, C. Brimley 17, S. Craig, T. McCullough) v Rangers B 2 (I. Campbell 24, C. Mansfield).

L.I.P.S. 2 (R. McClean, D. Ferguson) v No. 1 Crimsons 6 (K. Peoples, A. Irvine, J. Boyle, J. Jenkins, S. Mawhinney, R. Gordon).

Jay’s Rangers 4 (D. Wallace, S. Houston, J. Morton 22, 22, B. Galway) v St Comgall’s 4 (B. Gribben 21, 21, M. McCormick 23, K. McAllister 20, 24, J. Maguire 22).

St John’s 6 (A. Rice, G. Ballantine, C. King 16, 20, T. Staton, S. Guiller 21, T. Scally 20) v Vandevelles KD 2 (E. Crawford, G. White).

Larne Legion 5 (N. Letson, P. Haveron, E. Shaw, S. Burns, E. Wright) v Inver Ladies 3 (N. Roberts, J. Montgomery, B. Allen).