Shope staff are spooked in Larne

Staff at Larne’s Poundstretcher store were receiving a fright in the run-up to Halloween in October 2000.

Tuesday, 3rd November 2015, 6:00 am

Since the summer, staff at the store had heard doors banging, chairs sliding across the floor and footsteps on the stairs, with no one there to create the sounds.

They claimed that there was a ghostly presence in the store for a number of years, but that it had made itself more noticeable over the recent months.

Pest control had examined the building and ruled that the sounds were not being caused by rats or mice.

The manageress of the Lower Cross Street store, Tara Lawther said: “It’s got to the stage where some of the staff won’t go up to the stockroom on the top floor, especially on their own.”