Motorcyclist receives fine in 1966

A man from Ballygally was fined £5 in August 1966 for causing a motorcycle crash.

Monday, 17th August 2015, 9:33 am

The incident was blamed on the man attempting to carry large parcels under his arm while trying to control the motorcycle.

A bus stopped in the path of the man which caused him to lose control of his motorbike and mount the footpath.

He then fell off the bike, and all of the packages that he had been trying to carry were scattered across the ground.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crash, they examined his bike to find that it had a defective brake and a bald tyre.

The judge warned the man that the crash could have had more serious consequences, and imposed the fine on him.

The same week, a fisherman from Carnlough was concerned that recent watersports in the area had resulted in a loss of income for his fishing business.

He said that with only a few weeks until the salmon fishing season was over, he was going to struggle to catch enough fish to pay off his outgoings over the winter months.

Blaming holiday makers from the Ballymena area, the man said that their activities had ripped his nets, and scared the fish away.