Flooding causes sewage problem for Bank Road residents

Residents claimed that heavy rain was causing a stink in November 2000.

Monday, 23rd November 2015, 6:05 am

After a number of heavy downpours and flooding incidents in Larne, residents were angered after problems with a sewage system emerged.

Residents claimed that after heavy rain, raw sewage was overflowing from the old system in Queen Street. This was then causing problems at properties in the Bank Road area of the town.

One resident said: “The area floods after heavy showers and when the water recedes, raw sewage is left behind. It is horrible to look at and it stinks.”

The residents said that all the properties which backed on to Queen Street were affected by the problem and accused the relevant authorities of “not taking the situation seriously.”

The resident also said that there were rats in the area and the situation was “very unhealthy.”

Larne Borough Council Environmental Health Officer, Mr Philip Thompson said he had reported the situation to the DOE Water Service.

He said Water Service officials had assured him they had been to the area to assess the problem and that they were “addressing the situation.”