Councillor hits out at Broadway improvements in Larne

A Larne Councillor criticised the Broadway improvements in November 2000.

Monday, 7th December 2015, 6:00 am

Councillor Bobby McKee hit out at the lack of improvements at the site for disabled people.

He said that he was frustrated with the lack of efforts to improve the issue after he had highlighted the issue previously.

He said: “Nothing has been done to improve Broadway. The council is more interested in other issues such as flags than access for disabled people.”

One of Councillor McKee’s main complaints was the continued presence of the “stone ball” ornamental features which he said restricted access at the disabled parking spaces.

The area had recently undergone a period of improvements, but the scheme had not been popular amongst traders and residents in the town.

Alderman John Mathews questioned the benefit of the scheme, but hoped that it could be improved. He said: “It seemed like a good idea at the time. It has taken some of the life out of the town.”

Councillor Roy Craig also criticised the scheme.

“I’m far from happy with it. I’m not impressed at all,” he said.