Broadway scheme criticised by the public and traders

There were complaints made about the new look Broadway area in Larne town centre in November 2000.

Monday, 16th November 2015, 6:00 am

The area had undergone an environmental improvement scheme.

A number of local traders and residents were not enthusiastic about the new look, and many felt that there was room for improvement.

One resident said at the time: It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen done in Larne. It is a complete and utter waste of money. It will not bring business or money to the town.”

One trader remarked: “I am disappointed at the way the scheme has turned out, but I think it can be improved upon.”

There were also plans in the pipeline to develop other sites in the town, with many people hoping that this would improve the look of the town.

Alderman John Mathews questioned the benefit of the scheme, but hoped that it could be improved. He said: “It seemed like a good idea at the time. It has taken some of the life out of the town.”

Councillor Roy Craig also criticised the scheme.

“I’m far from happy with it. I’m not impressed at all. It looks like Magheramorne Quarry on a wet day, bleak and desolate,” he said.