ULSTER GP: Full round-up of Saturday's results from Dundrod

The 2017 MCE Ulster Grand Prix lived up to the hype on a vintage day that had it all at Dundrod. Catch up with all the results below.

Saturday, 12th August 2017, 11:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:56 am
The 2017 MCE Ulster Grand Prix served up the best racing of the year at Dundrod on Saturday.

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Superstock:

1 P Hickman (BMW) 20m 15.927s; 2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +4.674s; 3 D Kneen (BMW) +4.718s; 4 D Johnson (BMW) +19.735s; 5 C Cummins (Honda) +23.534s; 6 J Coward (BMW) +23.991; 7 M Dunlop (Suzuki) +32.049s. Fastest lap: Hickman 132.77mph.

Whitemountain Centra Supersport:

1 P Hickman (Triumph) 21m 02.889s; 2 B Anstey (Honda) +0.188s; 3 L Johnston (Honda) +0.947s; 4 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +1.599s; 5 W Dunlop (Yamaha) +1.815s; 6 M Dunlop (Yamaha) +2.166s; 7 C Cummins (Honda) +16.638s; 8 D McGee (Kawasaki) +18.615s. Fastest lap: Anstey 127.865mph.

Plant Lubrication (NI) Lightweight:

1 D Morgan (250 Honda) 19m 50.047s; 2 P Owen (250 Honda) +4.505s; 3 C Laidlaw (Yamaha 400) +9.342s; 4 D Howard (Kawasaki 400) +50.872s; 6 P Gartland (Yamaha 400) +55.883s. Fastest lap: Kernohan (ret): 113.326mph.

Plant Lubrication (NI) Ultra-Lightweight:

1 P Robinson (Honda M3) 20m 10.345s; 2 C Elkin (Honda M3) +0.216s; 3 J Thompson (125 Honda) +8.089s; 4 A McLean (125 Honda) +21.470s; 5 G Dunlop (Honda M3) +51.661s; 6 N Moore (125 Honda) +1m 23.157s. Fastest lap: Elkin 111.343mph.

MMB Surfacing UGP Superbike:

1 B Anstey (Honda) 23m 17.050s; 2 P Hickman (BMW) +0.272s; 3 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +1.060s; 4 D Kneen (BMW) +1.121s; 5 C Cummins (Honda) +1.203s; 6 D Sheils (Suzuki) +32.632s; 7 D Johnson (BMW) +37.322s; 8 J Coward (BMW) +39.878s. New Lap Record: Harrison 134.614mph.

Barron Transport Services Supersport:

1 P Hickman (Triumph) 20m 56.880s; 2 B Anstey (Honda) +0.314s; 3 L Johnston (Honda) +0.880s; 4 M Dunlop (Yamaha) +1.179s; 5 P Jordan (Yamaha) +25.519s; 6 J Coward (Honda) +23.644s; 7 C Elkin (Kawasaki) +25.221s; 8 D Cooper (Honda) +25.277s. Fastest lap: Anstey 127.941mph.

Maxwell Freight Services Supertwins:

1 I Lintin (Kawasaki) 18m 35.574s; 2 D Cooper (Kawasaki) +0.074s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +22.138s; 4 D Sheils (Kawasaki) +23.967s; 5 C Elkin (Kawasaki) +23.991s; 6 J Cowton (Kawasaki) +34.809s. New lap record: Lintin 120.402mph.

Around A Pound Superbike:

1 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 20m 06.795s; 2 D Kneen (BMW) +0.106s; 3 C Cummins (Honda) +0.391s; 4 M Dunlop (Suzuki) +1.735s; 5 D Sheils (Suzuki) +17.031s; 6 D Johnson (BMW) +21.248s; 7 J Coward (BMW) +30.233s; 8 S West (BMW) +36.438s. Fastest lap: Kneen 133.647mph.