United fight back to salvage a point


Larne and District Ladies’ Darts League: Leaders United had to come from 4-2 down to salvage a home draw against No. 1 Ladies. They were helped along the way by a 24-dart game from Norma Irvine.

St John’s, Rangers and Fleet Ladies all recorded 6-2 wins over Gers Tech and Thatch. St Comgall’s and No. 1 Eagles won 5-3 against Legion Ladies and Ballylumford.

The match between Pigeon Ladies and Legion Wings finished all square.

Results: St John’s (J. Baxter, J. Montgomery, M. Montgomery, L. Dillon, V. McDonnell, B. Allen) v Gers 2 (C. Livingstone, L. Addy); Thatch 2 (E. Robinson, D. McIlhatton) v Fleet Ladies 6 (M. Smith, J. Hood, H. Hood, S. Barkley, V. Wilkinson, E. Houston); Tech 2 (B. Todd, H. McAleese) v Rangers 6 (D. Roberts, A. Longmore, L. Wright, M. Clements, N. Hagans, I. McFaul); Legion Ladies 3 (P. Yendall, J. Spence, W. Woodside) v St Comgall’s 5 (M. Lehd, M. Henry, A. Shaw, J. Clarke, E. Toner); No. 1 Eagles 5 (J. Spiers, N. Roberts, E. Woods, J. Graham, M. Hardy) v Ballylumford 3 (E. Ferguson, J. Maguire, J. Hyslop); Pigeon Ladies 4 (K. Norrell, B. McCormick, P. Bell, J. Norrell) v Legion Wings 4 (J. Todd, C. McAuley, D. McAuley, V. McBride); United 4 (N. Irvine, D, McFaul, E. McGarry, J. Gillespie) v No. 1 Ladies 4 (G. McNeill, L. Robinson, M. Hodge, N. Swann).

The Mixed Pairs competition will take place on Tuesday, November 19 at the Ballylumford Club.

All players are asked to report to the venue for 7:30 pm.