Tech it as read: United continue to lead the way

Darts updtae
Darts updtae

Defending champions United continue to lead the way in the Larne and District Ladies’ Darts League, thanks to a 5-3 win over Tech.

Ballylumford picked up their first victory of the season with a 6-2 win over Rangers and The Thatch got up and running, defeating Legion Wings 5-3.

No. 1 Eagle, St John’s and Gers all enjoyed 5-3 wins over Fleet Ladies, No. 1 Ladies and Legion, respectively. There was no match card returned for the Pigeon Ladies-Ponderosa game.

Results: Gers 5 - (H. Hall, L. Livingstone, L. Addy, N. McIlwain, J. Tuke) v Legion 3 (W. Woodside, P. Yendall, S. Scott); No. 1 Eagles 5 - (M. Hardy, E. Woods, L. Swann, J. Graham, M. Penny) v Fleet Ladies 3 - (S. Barkley, V. Wilkinson, K. McNeill); St John’s 5 (V. McDonnell, J. Montgomery, R. Allen, B. Allen, T. Gamble) v No. 1 Ladies 3 (N. Swann, M. Hodge, L. Robinson); United 5 (J. Gillespie, N. Irvine, A. Vine, T. Anderson, A. Poag) v Tech 3 - (E. Davis, K. Moore, B. Todd); Legion Wings 3 - T. Johnston, L. Haveron, S. O’Toole) v Thatch 5 - ( Z. McAuley, I. O’Sullivan, H. Lough, L. Rea, D. McIlhatton); Rangers 2 - (D. Roberts, M. Mansfield) v Ballylumford 6 - (E. Ferguson, J. Hyslop, J. White, D. Maguire, J. Maguire, N. McFaul).

Strikes over 100: L Addy (Gers) 140; J. White (Ballylumford) 135; M. Lilly (Tech) 121; C. McCormac (St John’s) 117; G. McNeill (No. 1 Ladies) 114; L. Livingstone (Gers) 111.

Fixtures (Tuesday, October 2): Fleet Ladies v Legion Wings; Tech v No. 1 Eagles; Legion v United; No. Ladies v Gers; Ballylumford v St John’s; Ponderosa v Rangers; St Comgall’s v Pigeon Ladies. Bye: Thatch.

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