St John’s thrower Stanton lands a 180 double against Lumford

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The final week of this season’s Larne and District Darts League saw some excellent displays of individual skill and poise.

T. Burns (Ballylumford) hit 180 in a 14-dart leg, while B. Galway had two great legs of 16 and 18 darts. D Huxley (Football Club) landed a nice 16-dart leg.

T. Stanton (St John’s) hit two maximum 180s in his win, and C. O’Toole (St Comgall’s) also hit 180. J White (Ladies) threw 107 and M Maxwell (Rooms) 105.


Ballylumford ‘B’ 8 (A Todd, H Mc Keown 24, 24; M Beggs 19; R Ross; S Robertson 23; R Graham; C Beasley; M Mann) v L.T.O.B 0.

Jay’s Rangers 8 (J Morton 19, 20; S Houston 24; D Jenkins; C McNeill 23; B Galway 16, 19; D Wallace; A Murray; J Gillis) v Rangers ‘B’ 0.

No. 1 Crimsons 3 (S. Mawhinney; J Jenkins; K Peoples) v The Rooms 5 (M Maxwell; D Heggarty; B Pill; S McErwaine 23; P McRandal).

Vandevelles KD 2 (G White; T Rees) v Inver Ladies 6 (Allen; N. Roberts; E. Woods; M Hardy; J White; L Swann).

St Comgall’s 7 (J McErleane 24; C O’Toole 19; D Ferguson; B Gribben; K McAllister 20, 22; J. Maguire 21, 23; M Wilkinson 24) v Larne Legion 1 (E Shaw).

Islandmagee 6 (M Dunbar; D Adams; C McGarry; G Justin; J Bell; D Irvine) v Football Club 2 (B McKinney 23; D Huxley 16).

St John’s 4 (D Mercer; D McKeen 21; T. Stanton 19; A Rice 20) v Ballylumford 4 (D McAllister 21, M McBride 22, 23; M McMillen; T Burns 14,24).

L.I.P.S 2 v No. 1 Club 6.