St John’s power past Ballylumford


Larne Ladies’ League: St John’s were 6-2 winners at home to Ballylumford this week. St Comgall’s and No. 1 Ladies enjoyed 5-3 wins against Legion Ladies and Fleet Ladies respectively.

With one game void, Rangers came out on top against Thatch Ladies on a 4-3 scoreline. Leaders United and No. 1 Eagles shared the spoils in a 4-4 draw.

Results - St John’s 6 (V. Mc Donnell, M. Montgomery, B. Allen, S. Morrow, J. Baxter, R. Allen) v Ballylumford 2 (R. Maguire, J. Hyslop); Legion 3 (D. Scott, K. McCormac, E. Yendall) v St Comgall’s 5 (A. Shaw, M. Lehd, J. Woodside, K. Mc Master, E. Toner); No. 1 Ladies 5 (M. Hodge, G. Mc Neill, A. Davidson, L. Robinson, L. Mc Hendry) v Fleet Ladies 3 (K. Mc Neill, V. Wilkinson, H. Hood); Thatch 3 (E. Robinson, L. Rea, H. Lough) v Rangers 4 (A. Longmore, S. Holden, Joan Nelson, M. Clements); United 4 (S. Marno, N. Irvine, T. Anderson Pue, J. Gillespie) v No. 1 Eagles 4 (L. Swann, J. Graham, E. Woods, J. McIlroy).

Over 100: 104, M. Lehd (St Comgall’s); 104, G. McNeill (No. 1 Ladies); 103, N. Irvine (United); 101, A. Shaw (St Comgall’s).