Latest results from Carrick Sailing Club

Latest results from Carrickfergus Sailing Club’s Summer Series.

Thursday (May 29): Keelboat (NHC Unrestricted) - 1st, Eclipse, B Wilson; 2nd, Slippi Jin, J Shields and D McClenaghan, 3rd, X Tension, G Miller.

Keelboat (NHC Restricted): 1st, Sea Myth, R Cromie, D Rodgers and L McDonald; 2nd, Kaju II, G Dougan.

Ruffian Class: 1st, Carrageen, T Kirkpatrick; 2nd, Bloodhound, W Ewing; 3rd, Hot Orange, C Noble.

Portsmouth Yardstick Dinghy Summer Series (May 28): 1st, Laser Full Rig (80819) F McFarlane; 2nd, Laser Full Rig (158255) N Calvin; 3rd, Laser Full Rig (183531) C. Brown.