Grand finale of Couch to 5k programme hailed a success

Pictured at the  Larne Athletic Club Couch to 5K run. INLT 37-331-PR
Pictured at the Larne Athletic Club Couch to 5K run. INLT 37-331-PR

The grand finale to the successful Couch to 5K programme, which was organised by Larne Athletic Club, took place recently.

A sunny evening had the Town Park packed full of the runners’ families and friends, there to support them on their graduation 5k run.

The Couch to 5k programme consisted of twice weekly sessions which took place over a nine-week period. During this time the runners progressed from running one minute at a time on their first night, to being able to run a full 5k on the final night.

All ages and abilities took part and very quickly a great sense of camaraderie and friendship built up within the participants. Larne AC leaders and members attended in large numbers to encourage, help and support them in their quest.

It was with some nerves and slight apprehension that the runners toed the start line at 7pm, waiting on Larne’s Mayor, Maureen Morrow, to send them on their way. A lap of the Town Park was completed to loud cheers from the spectators, before the runners made their way along the Coast Road. They turned just before the Black Arch before returning back along the Coast Road and then finishing with a final lap of the park. Everyone in the park eagerly awaited the front-runners and first group of three runners appeared, completing the 5k in 23 minutes!

This was shortly followed by a steady procession of runners who all crossed the line to increasingly louder cheers, where they were presented with a medal and a T-shirt proclaiming “Larne AC C25K – I did it!!”

The atmosphere and excitement continued to build until the final runners crossed the line.

An unbelievable total of 85 runners completed this very first Couch to 5k programme to be held in Larne and the members of Larne AC wish to warmly congratulate every single runner on this fabulous achievement!

The club would also like to invite them and any other interested runners to come to their Running Fitness group which will take place at 7pm Tuesday and Thursday from Curran Bowling Club.

This group is ideal for any runners who want to run to keep fit and will take the form of an easy run accompanied by Larne AC club leaders and members.