Draw is made for Snoddy Singles


The second Snoddy Singles tournament will take place during the indoor season in the Larne League.

The competition will run throughout the year, with the semi-finals and final being held at Raloo Bowling Club next March.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the Snoddy Singles last season by entering the tournament, attending the Finals’ Night, and also giving so generously to Action Cancer,” said organiser, Chris Snoddy.

“Prize money will be presented to all four semi-finalists, with the winner picking up the Snoddy Singles’ trophy.”

First-round draw (to be played by November 10): (A) S Beggs (All Saints) v J Kane (Whitehead); (B) A Thom (All Saints) v G Girvan (Whitehead); (C) J Steenson (St Cedma’s) v N McNeilly (Ballynure Methodist); (D) S Bell (LBLTC) v Ba Petticrew (Cairncastle); (E) J Semple (Kilwaughter) v T Bodles (Gardenmore); (F) A Jenkins (Raloo) v B McCullough (Ballynure Methodist).

Second-round draw (to be played by December 1): R Wallace (L&K) v D Graham (L&K); G Devenney (St Cedma’s) v K McClatchey (St Cedma’s); B Petticrew (Cairncastle) v A McLean (Kilwaughter); Winner of (D) v R Robinson (Raloo); B McGookin (Ballynure Methodist) v R McCrudden (Kilwaughter); J Spiers (St Cedma’s) v G Falconer (Blue Circle); S Gingles (Kilwaughter) v E Woods (Raloo); E Wilson (LBLTC) v S Wylie (Ballynure Methodist); J Burns (Blue Circle) v N Beggs (Kilwaughter); A Beatty (All Saints) v J McMurtry (Raloo); N Crawford (Ballynure Methodist) v D Witherspoon (All Saints); Winner of (F) v G Woods (Raloo); R Gilmour (Kilwaughter) v D Snoddy (Raloo); J Penney (Ballynure Methodist) v L King (St Cedma’s); S Moore (Ballynure Methodist) v T Colborn (Ballynure Methodist); M Duff (Blue Circle) v T Stewart (Raloo); J Petticrew (Cairncastle) v M McCallion (Cairncastle); Winner of (E) v N Todd (All Saints); M Telford (LBLTC) v N Finch (Raloo); A McCord (Gardenmore) v S Witherspoon (All Saints); H Montgomery (Raloo) v Winner of (C); J Johnstone (Ballnure Methodist) v H Millar (LBLTC); G Johnston (LBLTC) v S Bell (Blue Circle); D McRandal (LBLTC) v M Petticrew (Cairncastle); Winner of (B) v J McCullough (Ballynure Methodist); J Hamill (LBLTC) v J Montgomery (Kilwaughter); C Snoddy (Raloo) v R Crawford (Raloo); D Montgomery (All Saints) v K McBride (Raloo); W Esler (Kilwaughter) v S Young (All Saints); M McConkey (Cairncastle) v A Robinson (Gardenmore); M McGookin (Ballynure Methodist) v Winner of (A); D Bodles (Gardenmore) v A McCaw (Kilwaughter).