Darts results update

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All the latest results and tonight’s fixtures in the Larne and District and Larne Premier darts leagues.

Larne Premier League

Results: Lumford 7 (K. Magill 23, C. McGarry 18 & 19, S. Haggan 15, B. McDermott 21, A. Wilson 20 & 16, B. McDermott / S. Haggan and C. McGarry / A. Wilson) v Gers ‘B’ 1 (M. Fleck); Gers ‘A’ 7 (R. Bell 24, C. Gilliland 20 & 17, R. Williams, W. Harrison 19, J. McCourt 23 & 19, R. Williams / R. Bell 36 and R. Tweed / J. McCourt 35) v Lumford Phoenix 1 (T. Evans). Ballypower 3 (J. O’Toole 19, A. McGarry 18, and P. Hastings 22) v Technics 5 (J. Wilson 20 & 23, C. Meban 19, R. Linton 21 & 24, C. Meban / J. Wilson and K. McDermott / R. Millar.

Fixtures (October 18): Lumford Phoenix v Technics, Gers ‘A’ v Lumford, St. Comgalls v Gers ‘B’. Bye: Ballypower.

Larne Darts League

Royal British Legion Trophy results: The Rooms 2 (S. McIlwaine 30, P. McGuckin) v LIPS 5 (H. Manson, A. Rice, R. McClean, C. McNeill, H. McKeown); I’magee 4 (R. McKinty, W. Finley, M. Soppitt, T. Wilson) v No. 1 Club ‘B’ 5 (T. Morrow, H. Dick, A. Irvine, J. Davey, W. Davey); Inver Ladies 0 v B’lumford 5 (J. McBride, G. Little, W. Gilbert, B. Little, D. McAllister); St John’s 1 (G. Ballentine) v Coast Road Inn 5 (A. Wilson, D. Montgomery, B. Black, J. Pettigrew 29, W. McCullough); Larne Legion 5 (E. Shaw, P. Haveron, J. Spence, R. Jackson, W. Jamison) v Rangers ‘B’ 3 (J. Wright, M. Wilson, C. Mansfield); LTOB 5 (R. Hickey, A. Todd, R. Ross, P. Wylie, A. O’Toole.) Jay’s R’gers 3 (A. Murray, D. Jenkins, A. Woodside)

Fixtures (October 18) LTOB v R’gers ‘B’; St John’s v B’lumford; I’magee v LIPS; Jay’s Rangers v No. 1 Club ‘A’; Inver Ladies v The Rooms; Larne Legion v Coast Road Inn; No. 1 Club ‘B’ v Vandevelles KD