Curran claim win over Carrick LBC


The East Antrim derby between Curran Ladies and Carrick LBC played out at cold, showery Curran Park resulted in a victory for the hosts.

V. Noble with T. Carmichael, P. Blair and R. Gallagher didn’t really settle until end six. From that point they controlled the game losing just seven shots over the remaining 13 ends, winning by 19 to 13 shots.

On the second rink Lynda Simms and Carrick’s M. McCausland fought out what developed into an exciting 18 ends. Ably abetted by M. Hardy, S. McDermott and J. Spiers Lynda led four shots to one after the third end, trailed 16 - 15 after 12 ends. They then led 21 - 19, but were behind 24 - 21 going into the final end. A five-bowl lie settled the game in favour of Curran.

Result: Curran 45 shots (5 points) Carrick 37 shots (zero points). On Thursday (May 15), Curran travel to Ardenlee, Belfast.