BOWLS: Larne Zone team selected


The Larne Zone team will play Mid-Ulster in the first round of this year’s Boomer Cup.

The game will be played at Blue Circle (2 pm) on Saturday (October 26) and players are asked to report no later than 1:45pm.

Spectators are very welcome as the locals will be taking on the strongest team in the competition.

The Larne team is as follows:

G Woods, R McCrudden, J Semple, A McLean

Ba Petticrew, G Girvan, D McRandal, A Thom

R Robinson, P Duff, M Petticrew, D Witherspoon

D Bodles, D Steele, A Robinson, T Bodles

D Snoddy, D Montgomery, C Snoddy, N Todd

A Mairs, A Bell, J Burns, S Bell