Bowls: Draw made for Chruches’ Pairs


The draw for the Churches’ Pairs indoor bowls competition has been made with 44 partnerships entering this season’s tournament.

Larne & Kilwaughter – Monday, December 29

Br. Petticrew (Cairncastle) v G. Hartnett (Craigyhill) at 7pm

J. Moore (First Larne) v N. Todd (All Saints) at 7pm

L. King (St Cedma’s) v B. McCullough (Ballynure Methodist) at 7pm

A. Spiers (St Cedma’s) v J. McCarron (Craigyhill) at 8pm

G. Thompson (St Cedma’s) v J. Burns (All Saints) at 8pm

First Larne – Monday, December 29

J. Acheson (Cairncastle) v W. Crawford (Ballynure Methodist) at 7:30pm

G. Peel (Ballynure Methodist) v E. Woods (Raloo) at 7:30pm

R. Braiden (Ballynure Methodist) v R. Robinson (Raloo) at 7:30pm

B. McGookin (Ballynure Methodist) v A. Thom (All Saints) at 8:30pm

A. McCord (Gardenmore) v S. Beggs (All Saints) at 8:30pm

St Cedma’s – Monday, December 29

T. Stewart (Raloo) v T. Close (First Larne) at 7pm

N. Moore (Cairncastle) v R. Wallace (L&K) at 7pm

N. Finch (Raloo) v S. Moore (Ballynure Methodist) at 8pm

J. Johnston (Ballynure Methodist) v C. Snoddy (Raloo) at 8pm

All Saints – Tuesday, December 30

S. Colburn (Craigyhill) v D. Mooney (Gardenmore) at 7pm

Ba. Petticrew (Cairncastle) v D. Snoddy (Raloo) at 7pm

G. Devenney (St Cedma’s) v B. Aplsey (Raloo) at 8om

S. Swann (Ballynure Methodist) v J. Duff (Craigyhill) at 8pm

Raloo – Thursday, January 1

J. McMullan (First Larne) v D. McRandal (L&K) at 7pm

D. Montgomery (All Saints) v T. Bodles (Gardenmore) at 7pm

S. McKee (L&K) v A. Rankin (All Saints) at 8pm

M. Petticrew (Cairncastle) v J. McColm (First Larne) at 8pm

The finals’ night is scheduled take place at Gardenmore on Saturday, January 3.