Glenn McCormick helps launch MRA championships

Glenn McCormick. INLT 09-922-CON
Glenn McCormick. INLT 09-922-CON

Ulster and Irish MX2 champion Glenn McCormick helped launch the MRA Ulster and Irish Championships at a recent press evening.

The MRA club will host a six-round Ulster Championship and four rounds of the Irish championship but probably their biggest venture in 2016 will be the Maxxis British Championship round at Desertmartin on June 12.

Gleno rider McCormick will race his MX2 Agnew Recovery KTM in the opening round of the Irish Championship at Desertmartin on March 12 and will definitely be in action at the British round in June.

McCormick said: “I’m not sure as yet how many rounds of the Ulster and Irish I will be able to fit in as I am committed to race in the British MX2 Championship based on the mainland but I have to say that the MRA have changed the format of the racing here for the better.

“Unlike last season when the MX2s were racing in amongst the MX1 machines we are now having a separate race. It means now that if you get a bad start you are racing against bikes that are the same instead of trying to get past a faster MX1 bike.

“It will definitely produce better racing during the season. I think it is the way forward and I must congratulate the club for making the change.”

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