Irish Cup win a case of job well done for Invermen

Larne midfielder Stuart King on the ball against Dergview. Photo: Andrew Scullion
Larne midfielder Stuart King on the ball against Dergview. Photo: Andrew Scullion

It wasn’t a footballing masterclass by any means, more a case of a job well done, but Larne secured their place in the fifth-round draw for the Irish Cup, writes Kevin Hughes.

“We encountered exactly what we expected, a tough test, and the whole objective was to get in there, get the result we needed and get out and away,” explained manager, Davy McAlinden.

“In truth, we didn’t worry about concentrating too much on flowing football. It was all about grinding out a victory. It’s the same anytime you go there.

“With John Connolly suspended, goalkeeping coach Ciaran Stitt was deputising in nets and that’s one of the valuable aspects of having him at the club. He’s still a very competent performer, capable of stepping in when needed.

“We don’t have a second string goalkeeper because we have tried and it’s always the same. With no reserve team to provide them with any sort of match time, they get fed up and quickly move on - and I suppose you can’t blame them.

“It was the sort of match in which one goal would probably prove enough and, luckily, enough Paul Maguire showed the required little bit of class to get it, popping up to win it with a very nice finish.

“According to what I was told there, that’s apparently the first time in any competition they have been beaten on their home soil this season.

“I can’t say for sure, but that is what I heard and it shows how good a result it is.

“Now we can happily look forward to the draw and see what it brings us, hopefully a home tie against whoever it happens to be.

“We have ground advantage in a different knockout competition this weekend, Grove United the visitors in the Intermediate Cup.

“On the face of it, I believe we will win the match if we approach it with the right attitude, apply ourselves and work hard.”