Amateur League line-ups

Football update
Football update

A round-up of some of the line-ups of local teams in Saturday’s Amateur League fixtures.

Don’t miss this week’s Times (available from Wednesday) for more coverage of the East Antrim teams.

Larne Tech OB (v Dromara Village); Wilson – Hyslop, R Thompson, Moore, Campbell – McAuley, Montgomery, N McAllister, Ward (Monaghan) – L Thompson (Devine), J McAllister (M Steele).

Player in: Keith Wilson, G, PSNI.

Barn United (v Rosario); Brennan – Bickerstaff, Alexanders, P Mathers, Wakeham – Tweedie (G Patterson), McKee, Bingham, Thompson (Armstrong) – Dummigan (Armour), J Mathers.

Wellington Rec (v Downshire YM); Quinn – McAllister, Cahoon, McConnell, Mundell – Cowie, Nelson, McDonald, Rea – McCann, Shaw. Subs, McKendry, Beggs, Yilmaz.

Player out: Steven Spence, D, Newington Rangers.

18th Newtownabbey OB (v Bryansburn Rangers) ; Green – Craig, Kelly, McMahon, D Knell (McQuillan) – Hanna (G Miskimmon), Blain, A Knell (Johnston), Sellars, Magill – R Miskimmon.

Mossley (v Saintfield United); Jenkins – Moore, Young (McManus), Barton, Crowe (Scott) – J McKinney, Proctor, G McKinney, Garrett (P Harper) – Lynas, Graham.

Player in: Keith McManus, M/S

Newington Rangers (v Kilroot Rec); G Robb – Wilson (D Johnstone), Grant, Brown, Spence – Monaghan (A Robb), Lusty (K Johnstone), Thompson, Gilmore – Hodge, McCann.

Player in: Steven Spence, D, Wellington Rec.

Kilroot Rec (v Newington Rangers); Brownlee – Bell, J Smylie, Simon Hamitlon, Moore (Maxwell) – D Aston, Kernaghan, McKinty, Rea – Carson, Wright. Subs (unused) P Aston, White.

Nortel (v Bloomfield); Causby – Monteith, Cardwell, Freyne, Dickson – Hamill (Fenner), Lorrimer, Lenaghan, A Rosbotham – Hand (McKay), Wilkinson (J Rosbotham).

Rathfern Rangers (v Sirocco Works); Hamilton – C McMurdie, Montgomery, McManus, Hamilton – Kerby (McCrea), Boyles, Caughey, Gordon – Orr, Moore. Subs (unused) Gardiner, McClelland.

Player in: Ryan McClelland, M, ex-18th Newtownabbey OB.