Amateur League line-ups

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A look at how local Amateur League teams lined up for Saturday’s opening-day fixtures.

For full list of results, click here. Don’t miss this week’s Times for more of Alan Hall’s unbeatable coverage on the East Antrim-based teams.

Islandmagee (v Crumlin Star): Keenan, Spence, Phillips (Baird), McKnight, Lough, Murray, Matthews, Griffith (Moore), Barkley, Waide, Ellis (McCann).

Barn United (v Abbey Villa): Brennan – McDonald, Alexander, P Mathers, Wakeham, Tweedie – Armstrong, McKee, Scott (Omar) – Dummigan, J Mathers (McGivern).

Players in: Gary Scott, M, ex-PSNI: Paul Thompson, M, Newington Rangers; Johnny Preuss, D, Rathfern Rangers; Ryan Caskey, S, FC Ballynure.

Player out: Darren McKinty, M/D, Kilroot Rec

Newington Rangers (v Brysnsburn Rangers); G Robb – Brown, Grant, A Wilson, Lusty (K Johnstone) – Anthony, J Thompson, D Johnstone (Black), Gilmore – Waite, Roxborough.

Player in: Paul Waite, S/M.

Rathfern Rangers (v Ballynahinch Olympic): S Hamilton – Montgomery, D McBride, C McMurdie – A Hamilton (Gilbary), Gardiner, W McMurdie, Kerby – McCrea – Orr, Moore. Sub (unused) R Hamilton.

Player out: Johnny Preuss, D, Barn United.

Nortel (v Shankill United): Causby – Monteith, Cardwell, A Anderson, Freyne – A Rosbotham (Caughey), Lorrimer, Lenaghan, T Clarke (J Clarke) – J Rosbotham (Irwin), Hand.

Player in: Alan Causby, G, Dundonald

18th Newtownabbey OB (v Iveagh United): S Kelly – Craig (Johnston), G Kelly, P Logan – A Knell, Sellars (K Hawthorn), Blayne, McQuillan, Campbell – L Logan (Neill), Roughley.

Players in: Paul Logan, D, Rathcoole; Kyle Blayne, M; Andy Roughley, D.

Mossley FC (v Donard Hospital); Jenkins – J McKinney, Scott (Williamson), McAllister, Young – Garrett (Bell), G McKinney, Proctor, P Harper – Graham, Lynas. Sub (unused) Crowe.

Larne Tech OB (v St Patrick’s); Ruys – M Hyslop, Moore, R Thompson, M Steele – McNally, Montgomery, N McAllister (Wright), Ward – McAuley, McGinley (Devine). Sub (unused) Wilkinson.

UUJ (v Crumlin United): Browne – McBriarty (F Brannigan), Harvey, Convery – Donnelly, McLaughlin (Craig), Lyons, M Brannigan (J Magennis) – Donaldson, Scollay, R Kelly.

Player in: Johnny Magennis, M, Malachians.

Kilroot Rec (v Dromore Amateurs): G Thompson – Bell, Maxwell, Burnside (Taylor), Johnston – Crozier (Fleming), Simon Hamilton, McKinty, McFeeters – G McCahon (C McCahon), Rea.

Players in: Darren McKinty, M, Barn United; Jonathon Maxwell, D; Philip Burnside, D; Adam Taylor, D; Marty Johnston, D; Tyrone Crozier, M; Curtis Fleming, M; Ben McFeeters, M; Gary Thompson, GK; Corey McCahon, S.