Farquhar predicts a great future for rookie Hamilton

Jamie Hamiltopn with his biggest supporter, mum Helen. INLT 34-902-CON
Jamie Hamiltopn with his biggest supporter, mum Helen. INLT 34-902-CON

Jamie Hamilton’s road race career seems to be on the up as the Ballyclare rider, who only competed in his first road race back in May at the NW200, is now taking part at the Killalane meeting on September 10 and 11.

The big change for the local man is that he will ride the KMR Kawasaki superbike for team boss Ryan Farquhar. It will be a big step for the young local rider but one which both Jamie and Ryan feel he is capable off handling.

Before setting off for the Manx Grand Prix, Ryan explained how the pair got together and how he feels the partnership can develop in the future.

“Jamie asked me if he could ride the KMR Kawasaki supertwin bike at the Mid Antrim and Ulster Grand Prix but before that could happen a few things had to fall into place with Kawasaki and my personal sponsors.

“Everything clicked and at the Mid Antrim he went really well in qualifying and at Dundrod his lap times were really impressive. In fact he was on the same pace as Adrian Archibald and John Burrows, who finished second and third at the UGP.

“I know that the wee bike is good. Well it should be as we have been developing it for the past three years, but Jamie rode it well. I think he has a big future in road racing. I am not interested in just any rider but Jamie is one of the few young talents, along with the likes of Michael Dunlop and Wayne Hamilton, coming through at the moment.

“I have a spare ZX10 Kawasaki in the workshop and he will ride it at Killalane and the Gold Cup at Scarborough then we will sit down and see what he thinks about the road racing game. By then he will have ridden at national and international road races and can make an informed decision on his future.

“I am impressed and my sponsors are of the same thinking so it will depend on Jamie. I think I can steer Jamie in the right direction and my experience will speed things up. He could join another team but he could lose a couple of years going to another team with less experience. It will be a new experience for me as I have never had a young lad in the team before.”

Jamie has previously ridden the ZX10 Kawasaki before so he knows what it is capable of, but he has never seen the Killalane circuit before.

“From what I have been told it is narrow and fast. I like fast circuits, but I will just enjoy myself and see how we end up. No preconceived ideas on results,” he said.

Jamie is also going to the Isle of Man on September 2, 3 and 4 September as a guest of the TT organisers.

“I will be shown around the circuit by the TT organisers.

“It will be good to see it first-hand if I am to make my debut in 2012 and it will also be good to get a weekend away,” he concluded.