ATHLETICS: Cross country season begins for East Coast AC

There were wins for Rhys McManus, Hannah Clements, Justin Maxwell and Connie Hodge in the cross country races at the weekend.

Thursday, 15th October 2015, 8:00 am
East Coast juniors enjoy the cross country event at Seacourt. INLT 42-914-CON

Thirty athletes turned out for the East Coast AC junior 800m cross country race last Saturday.

After a fast start, it was junior club captain McManus who was able to hold on to the pace, crossing the line in first in a time of 3:02.

The in-form Charlie Patterson was next to finish, clocking 3:16, before Jay Mackness claimed the final podium spot in 3:23.

Clements led the way in the girls’ race, taking first in a time of 3:29. Katie Ewings and Charlotte Dean had a sprint finish across the line in a time of 3:31, however it was Katie who edged forward first, taking second with Charlotte settling for third.

Other times: Hannah O’Toole 3:32, Lucy O’Toole 3:32, Erin Scott 3:38, Kian McAllister 3:42, Curtis Robertson 3:44, Carrie Burleigh 3:53, Lois Scott 3:55, Daniel Brennan 3:56, Alicia Kuchocha 4:07, Matilda Dean 5:23, Eimear Ward 4:24, Samantha Braniff 4:28, Mark Magee 4:34, Katie Monaghan 4:37, Keilan McManus 4:38, Maggie Deller 4:39, Rebecca Robertson 4:39, Ethan Shannon 4:53, Elys Leetch Armstrong 5:12, Darcy Leetch Armstrong 5:19, Imogen Taylor 5:28, Rachel Urwin 5:46, Alfie Urwin 5:54.

After the junior race, it was time for the seniors to take to the start line of the third race in this year’s Championship Challenge Series – a 2.7-mile cross country run in Seacourt, Larne.

Maxwell finished first in a time of 16:11. Murray Deller was rewarded for his efforts with a second-place finish in 16:48, with Corey Urwin claiming the final podium spot in 17:07 (third). Club captain Chris Davis ran well to take fourth place in a time of 18:31.

Other times: Callum Sittlington 18:50, Daniel Girvin 18:58, James Robinson 19:05, Conor Sheridan 19:25, Drew Girvin 19:42, Kenny Holmes 20:05, Alex Robertson 20:19, Karl Joyce 20:45, Keith Hetherington 21:52, Phil Smyth 22:04, Jim Scott 22:25.

Hodge was the first lady to finish in 21:49. Second place in the ladies’ category was awarded to Angela Campbell (22:21). Nikki McNeill and Catherine Maxwell swapped positions throughout the race, however it was Nikki who claimed third in 23:41. Catherine followed in 24:02 to secure fourth place.

Other times: Jackie Davidson 24:39, Lynn Magee 24:45, Sharon Kirkpatrick 25:20, Linzi Conway 26:46, Fiona Rolston 26:55, David Finlay 27:31, Sarah Girvin 28:38, Valerie Lyttle 29:14, Donna Robertson 29:14, Hazel Ritchie 29:47, Colleen Taylor 29:58, Tracey Shannon 30:48, Patricia Campbell 31:50, Rosie Kerr 38:00.