‘What about a licence for cats?’

after weeks of reading the local press I wonder to myself is there anyone out there who feels as sick about all the hype we are getting about dogs’ poo and horse manure and licence feeds for this animal and that animal?

Everybody forgets about the pussycat owners who get away with letting their pets out to poo anywhere they want to. This animal is trained at home on a litter tray but once past the kitten stage their owners let them out to toilet in anybody’s garden.

Why, I ask myself, can they get away without a licence and no responsibility to clean up after them.

Dog poo you can see, horse manure is good for your roses but because the number of the cats in my area I don’t even want to go into my garden or let my grandchildren play in it because of the disease cats carry.

Larne Council needs to set the standards here so that cat owners can pay for their pets’ mess through a licence fee as other animal owners do.

“Animal lover campaigning for fairness for all animals”,

Name and address withheld.