‘What a waste of time, money and resources’

AS A long-time resident of Drains Bay, I would like to raise a few facts. There are many drains here.

One only has to look at the sea at high tide to see the huge slick of sewage being pumped from the pumping station above the Black Arch every high tide, twice a day, every day, to confirm that there are drains here.

Does anyone know is this sewage treated or untreated? In some instances when they get the timing wrong, waste etc is washed up on the beach further up the bay.

There is another drain just a few metres past the Branch Road that the residents know often smells appalling in hot weather, as incidentally the pumping station does. There is another drain some metres past the car park.

In view of these facts, I think Drains Bay is a very appropriate name.

Who are the many residents who agree that the name should change? No one has sought my opinion. In case they want it ... I rather like the name.

The area is also known as Port Pier, just for information. One need only use house number, street or road number and postcode for mail etc and the address doesn’t need to include Drains Bay if they don’t like it.

I have spoken to people of many nationalities who stop to take photos of Ballygally Head and no one has ever commented adversely on the name.

If there is an excess of money it would be better spent on stabilising the hill and arch en route to here. I feel quite envious of, and indeed a little sorry, for anyone who has nothing more important in their lives than this nonsense.

What a waste of time, money and resources.

Drains Bay resident,

Name and address withheld