Well done Larne!

I WOULD just like to make comment on the Olympic torch through Larne and also the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee.

I feel that it is not often that Larne Borough Council manages to get things right, but I think on this occasion they did the town proud.

The torch came through Larne last Sunday and again on Thursday and although we had a bit of a contrast in weather conditions, those of us who were there thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I’m sure those from the organising committee of the torch relay were very impressed with how smoothly everything went.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations over the four days had something for everyone each day and the communities around the borough got involved with their own celebrations.

The crown at the roundabout at Circular Road is absolutely fantastic and I have heard from a couple of friends of mine across the world that pictures of it have been shown on their networks.

Well done to all concerned.

Name and address withheld.