‘We don’t need PSNI to set sneaky speed traps’

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I HAVE to agree with Councillor Drew Niblock’s position reported in last week’s Larne Times.

Whilst everyone will agree with the A8 upgrade, the way the PSNI were quick to pounce on easy targets like the commuters who use this stretch of road on a daily basis leaves a lot to be desired.

As one of these commuters who has used this road daily for the last eight years to get to and from work, I find it strange that the same PSNI speed traps have been used on a limited basis over the last eight years or more to catch road users breaking all kinds of driving offences; I can count on one hand the amount of speed traps that I have seen in this time.

Yet the concrete is hardly dry on the speed reduction markers on this stretch of road and low and behold we have sneaky speed traps on the A8.

I say sneaky as have I spotted mobile speed camera units parked in such a way that it would lead anyone to think they were part of the contractors equipment tasked with the upgrade.

Only in the last week have I spotted warning signs. Where has the information been given out to the motorists advising them of these restrictions before these sneaky speed traps have been in operation? Nowhere, unlike the advanced publicity on drink driving over the Christmas period.

I like everyone else would agree that speed kills and all should be done to catch offenders, however I don’t believe that we need these sorts of tactics from the PSNI.

Norman Gray,

Upper Waterloo Road, Larne