Ulster Scots festival is a real hoot

bobby Acheson, the committee and all the helpers and volunteers deserve a huge thank-you for making the recent Ulster-Scots Festival in Cairncastle the best yet.

As a frequent visitor to this event, I have to applaud and praise them for their professional organisation,

The traditional music and songs were complemented by a new twist to many an old favourite. The young dancers from Cairncastle and east Belfast were superb and a mixture of groups gave their all. The piper with Sontas must ahve danced his socks off!

The afternoon workshops were both informative and interesting and people from all over the world attended.

It is, therefore, a pity that funding was less than last year, since this annual event puts Larne on the map and generates income., Come on Larne Council and potential sponsors, get your hands in your pockets to make next year even better.

IG McLean,

Allenby Drive,