‘Tourism opportunity that’s not to be missed’

It was great to see the headlines in the Larne Times (May 30) about a double tourism boost.

This is really great news for our town and I would like to congratulate all involved.

On the back of these projects to encourage tourism in Larne I would like to put an idea forward, not a new one, but one which was tried and teted many years ago in our town by Henry McNeill.

This man had a vision for our town and the right spirit. He saw the potential which Larne has as the true gateway to the world-renowned Coast Road and Glens. This can be seen when you drive up the Glenarm Road and the beauty and splendour of the Coast Roaad just wows you.

I believe this is a great opportunity for our council to harness the potential for bus loads of tourists stopping off in Larne as a first point and getting refreshed before entering through the gateway and up the Coast Road.

Henry McNeill went one better and brought them to stay in Larne at a few good hotels but at present we don’t have enough hotels in the town to put them up. That could be for another time.

In the Larne Times (October 25, 2012) it was said that at least 1,500 coaches use the Coast Road for days away. These come from all arts and parts and the majority of them come through the town of Larne.

Our council should ne encouraging these coach-loads of tourists to stop for refreshments at our newly-refurbished Tourist Information Centre and then a bit of shopping on Main Stsreet and Laharna Retail Park before making their way up the famous Coast Road.

Larne Council could apply for the car park at the Tourist Information Centre to be made into a coach park.

Let’s be encouraged by the tourism boost which the paper has reported and hopefully our council will continue to build on it for the future.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

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