Take more care when crossing roads

Now that schools have started again, the roads are much busier and so are the footways and people are crossing roads to get from one place to another.

That’s all ok. But, so many people are not crossing roads safely or properly at all.

I have seen people cross roads only metres away from a fully-functioning, totally obvious, purpose-built pedestrian crossing. What is so awful about walking a few more metres to get to a safe place?

Today, a man with two school children (maybe first and second year pupils as they were wearing uniforms) crossed the road at Pound St very close to the crossing but didn’t use it.

I have seen this happen many times by families and adults, both fit and frail, especially in front of St John’s Place. If the pedestrian crossing wasn’t there, there would be an outcry.

Zebra crossings are not used properly either. I have seen people step out onto a zebra crossing without looking in either direction. They must think they are protected by a special barrier.

Not long ago I spotted a uniformed schoolgirl, engrossed in her mobile phone, about to step out in front of my car. And that’s exactly what she did but because I saw her and anticipated what she was going to do I was able to stop in time. She didn’t even notice.

It seems to me that pedestrians can do whatever silly things they like but if something went wrong, it would be the driver’s fault.

My warning is: driver’s keep your eyes peeled and pedestrians, please take more care when you are crossing roads.


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