‘Someone will be killed’ at blackspot A8 junction

I AM writing in relation to your article on the front page of last week’s paper (April 14).

The issue of safety at the A8/Circular Road junction is something I feel very strongly about, as a relative of mine was involved in an accident there.

The problem has nothing to do with speed or driver error, as Danny Kennedy and the PSNI say, it is to do with lack of common sense in Roads Service.

No one knows what to do at this junction, because the norm everywhere else to give way to cars coming off a junction before you join (the way it used to be). Cars coming off the dual carriageway are now expected to give way to cars joining from Circular Road. If you are boarding a train or a bus you normally let the people get off before you get on to avoid chaos, so why should this be any different.

I’ve been waiting at that junction giving way to people with other cars beeping their horns behind me urging me to go as they don’t know that I’m the one that’s supposed to wait.

My wife is terrified of that junction and avoids it like the plague. Someone will be killed here if nothing is done.

Name and address withheld