So why exactly is the harbour junction still a major problem?

It was with great interest that I read your report on the new dual-carriageway proposal to Larne.

I find it incredible that the DRD will spend such a vast amount of money on this venture but can’t find £100 to fix the exit from the dual carriageway (coming from the harbour) to the train station.

This junction has been the talk of not only this town but also for visitors to our town for as long as I can remember.

In my opinion most of the new roadworks to make this junction safe have all taken place on the wrong carriageway.

This junction is the only one that I am aware of in the UK that the traffic coming from a minor road (the ramp) has priority over traffic on a major road (the dual-carriageway).

Why do the powers that be not move the give way markings(on the carriageway) five metres forward so that the harbour traffic turning right into the town is correctly positioned looking into the road that they are turning into, unlike at the moment this traffic is positioned looking down the no entry road.

If the give way markings are moved forward then the traffic cannot come out onto the carriageway because they are being prevented from doing so by the traffic turning into the town.

This is the way that all other junctions that I know of are negotiated so why is there a major problem with this one?

Terry McCaughan,

Driving instructor.