McMullan taken to task over jubilee crown furore

With regard to the story in last week’s Larne Times entitled, ‘Jubilee ‘crown’ furore, can I just suggest to Oliver McMullan, MLA, that he stays up the coast rather than trying to stir up sectarian tension in our town?

On the subject of an equality impact, assessment: has Sinn Fein ever ordered one to take place before covering Carnlough in Irish tricolours?

Perhaps they don’t know nor indeed care that Protestants live in Carnlough too and are offended at seeing the flag of a foreign country flying from their lamp posts.

He also goes on to criticise the cost of the Jubilee Crown, wanting to know why they can’t secure funding for a play area in Carnlough. Mr McMullan appears to have forgotten the fact that the local council invested a total of around £125,000 building a play area in Carnlough and what happened? It was vandalised to a point where the children couldn’t use it.

Does he think the council have nothing better to do than spend good money on projects that people don’t have the common decency to respect?

James A. Tyrrell

Drummond Court,