McMullan is challenged over police criticism

With regard to the story last week (Larne Times, May 17) entitled, ‘DUP and SF politicians clash over ‘mob rule in Larne’ claim,’ were the remarks by Oliver McMullan meant as some sort of sick joke?

Not content with criticising the Protestant people of Larne, he now takes it upon himself to criticise the police in Larne.

Can I remind Oliver McMullan that the police we have in Larne at the moment, and indeed throughout Northern Ireland, are a result of the campaigns by his own political party to replace the RUC. Northern Ireland had a perfectly good police force who did not deserve to be treated the way they were by politicians hellbent on appeasing republicanism.

If you have a problem with the police force as they stand at the moment, Mr McMullan, can I just say that you have only yourselves to blame?

Alex Tyrrell,

Drummond Court,