‘Let’s not spoil our relaxing town centre’

THE relaxing and interesting environment of Larne town centre makes it quite an idealistic place to shop.

Shops are plentiful and cater for a wide ariety of consumer needs.

Traffic is not in any way intimidating to shoppers as it moves at a moderate pace along Main Street and surrounding streets.

The Main Street that stretches the entire length of the town centre has a unique character, displaying a range of architecture from down through the years that is quite stunning.

From Main Street some little side streets and alleyways radiate, opening up new shopping vistas, presenting little ‘hole-in-the-wall’ type shops and more modern state-of-the-art shopping centres.

As public seating areas, cafes and bars are plentiful, shoppers have a good choice of means for relaxing a while.

But now with plans in the pipieline for a multi-million pound revision of Larne town centre, could such a pleasant environment be spoilt for ever?

Hopefully not!

P Merrick,