Larne borough’s great effort for Giro

Please convey to Council staff my thanks for the wonderful work they did to make the Borough of Larne glow pink for the Giro D ’Italia.

Parks staff worked wonders with their flower arrangements and the grass cutting right along the coastal roadside to make it look so wonderful, even on the wetness of the race event.

I was really proud of our Borough with the efforts made by the Council, Roads Service, shops, artists and various craftsmen and women in creating and then locating painted and pink bicycles in the most outrageous places; communities in painting villages pink- even out to sea, up towers and hillsides- and most of all the people of the Borough in welcoming all to here and creating a sea of pink with clapping and cheering right along the race route.

I am not forgetting the PSNI, whose waves and rapport with the cheering crowds from police cars and motorbikes all along the route was so impressive and our local Larne police who were prominent and on duty for many long hours over the days leading up to the event and on Saturday organising and ensuring our safety during the event.

I am very proud to live in Larne and I hope that the positive pink spirit will live long in our Borough and attract investment and visitors to enjoy all that we Larnians take for granted most of the time, that is the fantastic setting stretching from Islandmagee to Garron Point and especially all the people who live and work here.

Thanks to all who helped to make Larne glow in pink.

Patricia E McNeill