Huge gratitude from hospital patient

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I FEEL that I must put pen to paper and express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to a number of people who came to me and my family’s assitance last week.

These individuals come under the heading ‘National Health Service’.

Being overcome by sickness and other symptoms, a very quick response to my wife’s phone call to 999, paramedics attended me at home, then quickly transferred me to the Royal Victoria, where a team carried out emergency care, which resulted in me being allowed home in a matter of days.

I would, therefore, like to say my thanks, through your paper, to all who were involved in my recovery - paramedics, doctors, nurses, auxillary staff and to many others who work as a team within the hospital. I believe that the amazing work by staff not only in the Royal Hospital, but in all the Trust, should be applauded and brought to the spotlight more often.

Again, thank you and may God bless each and every one.

Sam Wilson,

Ballycraigy Ring,