Help Kiwi with family tree?

I live in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and I am researching my family history. I wondered if any of your readers may have information to help me.

The family is Reid. Clotworthy Reid was born in 1791, married a Miss Blane and died in 1887. They had three children, William John Reid, Mary Jane Reid and Gracie Reid. I do not know any details of Mary Jane or Gracie Reid or who they married, but I would love to find out.

William John Reid was born in 1841, married Martha Moore in October 1865 and died in Artnagullion, Connor, County Antrim in 1922. Martha died in 1926.

William and Martha had Elizabeth (b 1866), Margaret (b 1867), Sarah (b 1869), William John (b 1871 – name later changed to John Murdough Reid; this is the family I come from), Mary (b 1872), William (b 1874), Annie (b 1876), George (b 1878), Isabella (b 1880), Samuel (b 1884).

Elizabeth (or Lizzie) married Cpt Wm O’Neill and they had one son who died in Sydney, Australia, and three daughters Josephine, Annie and Agnes. As far as I am aware Josephine never married. I am unsure if Annie married, and Agnes married a Mr Semple.

Margaret died in 1922. Sarah married a John McClelland, (I am unsure if they had a family) and she did in 1901. Mary never married and died in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1968.

Annie married a William Gorman and I do know that they had one child, a daughter May Gorman who came out to New Zealand and married a Bill Trilford.

Isabella apparently married a Tom McWhirter, but she came to New Zealand to join Mary by herself and died without any children in 1967 in New Zealand.

John, William and Samuel all settled in New Zealand and George in Queensland Australia.

I have found amongst belongings of my late grandmother Mae Fraser (nee Reid) a letter from Elsie Montgomery, who must belong to the family somewhere.

I would love to connect with fellow family members. I can be contacted by e-mail at

Wendy Reid