‘Glorification of terrorism’

I am writing to you regarding the recent proliferation of paramilitary flags on lampposts across the town.

Over the last few weeks, an abundance of flags of loyalist paramilitary organisations have been attached to lampposts sometimes up to three or four on a lamppost.

This is a huge step backwards. These organisations have a long and bloody history, including responsibility for many sectarian murders.

The public flying of paramilitary flags makes for a hugely intimidating environment, not just for Catholics in the town, but also for many people from all backgrounds across our society. This is in direct opposition to any notion of Larne being a shared town.

Personally, I have seen flags of many illegal, proscribed organisations flown prominently and even several Parachute Regiment flags, which I can only imagine are flown in support of the terrible atrocities that were carried out on Bloody Sunday.

This is glorification of murder and terrorism and has nothing to do with the Twelfth of July celebrations and I would urge the local councillors, loyal orders, church leaders, bands, community leaders and anyone with influence in the area to do all they can to seek the removal of these flags.

Name and address supplied, but withhheld