Frustration at vandalism in Carnlough

Once again I’m filled with frustration. shame and annoyance to read (Larne Times, September 27) that our village, Carnlough, features top in vandalism.

Apart from this report, I know that last weekend summer seats were ripped up from the promanade and thrown onto the beach. What motivates this behavour?

Do these young ones think it’s clever just for a bit of fun? I think they require some medical help.

I have seen a gang prowling about at night. They have attacked my house. Where does the blame lie?

Firstly, it must be the parents’ responsibility to know where they are and what they are up to, and to have distilled some civic pride into their offsping.

Secondly, we are experiencing less police petrols, which sends out the wrong message to these perpetrators.

Thirdly, it’s up to the residents to report anything they know, or are they happy to see the village trashed, and their rates ever rise to pay for it?

“Concerned resident”,

Name and address withheld.