‘Excellent’ suggestion would make junction much safer

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I refer to the letter from Terry McCaughan (Larne Times, May 17) regarding the perilous junction at the top of the ramp which leads up onto the dual-carriageway from the railway station.

His suggestion to move the ‘Give Way’ markings forward by five metres for traffic coming up from the harbour direction is eminently sensible.

It will mean that drivers on the dual-carriageway at that junction will not be forced to wait for drivers exiting to the right from the ramp direction, who drive out in front of them, as happens now.

Drivers should know that THEY have right of way when turning off from the centre of any dual carriageway, over drivers waiting to join that carriageway from the right. Let’s hope that our councillors will move quickly to ensure that the DRD make this junction safe for everyone, by adopting Terry’s excellent suggestion as soon as possible.

Liam G Kelly,

Advanced motorist and ex driving instructor.