Council response to AEL plan ‘a disgrace’

i WRITE with reference to the article titled ‘AEL ‘aggrieved’ at council’s rejection of holiday village plan for Carnfunnock’ (Larne Times, March 8).

As a social enterprise based in the East Antrim area, I now consider it imperative that we remain anonymous given the attitude that Larne Counil seems to be adopting towards social enterprises.

We want a clear answer as to why, in the current situation, where David Cameron is an advocate of the Third Sector and the Big Society, would Larne Council be not only cutting off all contact with social enterprise - but denying them any future business?

It is an absolute disgrace that Larne Council are publicly and unashamedly standing against the social economy which is of a huge benefit to society as a whole.

I have stood back and watched the demise of the borough at the hands of this council over the last number of years and I am now in such disbelieve that I would like to address one direct question to Geraldine McGahey publicly ...

‘Why have you made this decision to stand against the local social economy when the rest of the UK Government is strongly advocating it?’

Mrs McGahey, would you please address you answer publicly via the Larne Times.

Name and address withheld from publication.