Changing lives thanks to Times readers

As we look forward to 2013, I want to express my gratitude to Larne Times readers for what we achieved together in 2012.

Relief for those caught in crisis. Communities equipped with the skills and knowledge to help themselves. Campaigning that challenges injustice and the root causes of poverty.

Lives changed. All made possible by Larne Times readers, supporters with big hearts and one united voice.

Operating in a difficult economic climate has meant that we must do more with less, which is why Oxfam is so grateful for your support.

In 2012, readers supported Oxfam’s life-changing work with their time, energy, dedication and money.

Whether by giving a monthly donation or contributing whenever you can, donating your time by volunteering in our shops and offices and at events, campaigning for change with us, giving Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, organising or taking part in fundraising events, donating items to our shops or supporting our work by shopping there, you make the difference.

It’s thanks to you that we can achieve so much... from a rapid life-saving response to the West Africa food crisis, to showing politicians North and South why women’s rights must be put at the heart of the international agenda through our Ending Poverty Starts with Women campaign.

We have also continued our work with people affected by the 2011 East Africa food crisis in Kenya and Somalia, along with responding to the escalating situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where we are currently providing water, sanitation, food and cash transfers to local communities and those who have fled their homes to escape the terrible conflict.

These are just some of many incredible initiatives taking place in the 94 countries where we work around the world.

In June 2013, Northern Ireland will host the gathering of leaders of the G8 countries along with other global leaders, and this year also sees the Irish Presidency of the EU. With your support we intend to be very involved in these key influencing opportunities to demand a fairer world for all.

Our success in helping people affected by poverty and injustice to change their lives for the better would be impossible without the support of people like you, and I look forward to this continuing in 2013.

Jim Clarken

Chief Executive, Oxfam Ireland